Silver Mountain Training

SILVER MOUNTAIN offers bespoke workshops, mentoring and training in all areas of film and television production and distribution. Drawing on decades of experience at the industry coalface where they are still actively involved, the management team are regular panellists and moderators at domestic and international events, as well as mentoring, for organisations such as Mip Markets, Screen Skills Ireland, WIFTV and Birds Eye View. They produce and deliver workshops and training for media institutions such as IndieCork Festival Ireland, Escuela Internacional de Cine & TV Cuba, Seville Film Festival Spain, The University of Hertfordshire, Middlesex University, Ficci Frames Mumbai, Vina del Mar Festival Chile and Sunderland University to name but a few.

Thanks to her wide-ranging media  experience, not to mention infectious passion, Carey has inspired students at Sunderland with invaluable industry insight, helping to prepare them for the exciting but bumpy road of film production ahead.
Nicholas Glean, Senior Lecturer in Video and New Media University of Sunderland

Carey is a highly sought-after guest speaker on the business of film, and no wonder. Her lively and entertaining sessions with our final year film and television degree students provide invaluable insight into the key processes of marketing and distribution, allowing students to understand that the industry offers many more career opportunities than perhaps they first realised. The business of film and television can be quite complex, but Carey offers the clarity and context which allows young people to make informed decisions as they start considering the type of role they would like to secure upon graduation. Carey’s specialist knowledge and extensive experience boosts the course and keeps us on track with the latest professional practice, and Carey is now a valued member of our team!
Andrew Parker, Joint Head B.A. Film & TV Production, The University of Hertfordshire

We have organised several workshops and talks with Carey over the past years and have always benefitted from her great insight, experience and knowledge of the film industry. She has worked with students and filmmakers at the festival and delivers a highly professional training module, which we get wonderful feedback from the participants on. Carey is a great communicator also and manages to enthuse participants with her passion for the industry, and so we are delighted to continue to work with her as an essential tutor on our training plans at the festival.
Una Freeley, IndieCork Film Festival, Ireland

I organise the Production Workshops at Escuela Internacional de Cine & TV (Cuba). Carey created and delivered an outstanding week long workshop for Escuela Internacional de Cine & TV which was a great success. Her knowledge of film sales and distribution is excellent and she was able to create workshops that were engaging and informative.
Sandy Lieberson, Producer

Carey was my mentor through the WFTV Mentoring Scheme. I found her business advice incredibly useful. It was a very fruitful experience.
Fiona Gillies, Founder & CEO of SMASH, Producer, Actor

As my film industry mentor, Carey has been incredibly supportive, encouraging and insightful. Along with Jessica Townsend, the Writer-Director of our film Dog Boy, we were connected with Carey as part of the Filmonomics development scheme at Birds Eye View. This time with Carey has been invaluable in the development and packaging of my slate of films as a Producer. She has a wealth of experience in the industry, an in-depth understanding of the film value chain, and an amazing track record in sales and distribution. Hopefully we’ll maintain an ongoing and successful professional relationship.
Christopher Ian Smith, Writer-Director. Exec Producer

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